So Say We All: Thoughts on BSG’s Infamous Ending (Part Two)


…And then I got to “Daybreak.” In the BSG fan world, the one hour and a half series finale of Battlestar is notoriously bad. As someone who watched the full series in such a small amount of time, I had a unique experience. I was able to watch how the stories blend together and how the characters develop without there being much time to reflect or get everyone’s opinion. Untainted by the judgment of others, I was cautiously optimistic. The truth is I didn’t think it was all that bad. Now, hear me out…

The first thing I enjoyed about the ending was the flashbacks to the great life on Caprica, pre-cylon war. The flashbacks primarily focused on Commander Adama, Starbuck and Apollo, and Laura Roslin. Each of the characters are at some sort of crossroads in their lives. At first glance, I didn’t understand why they were showing flashbacks. I mean… really… get to the juicy ending. But then, I started realizing that the characters at the beginning of Battlestar had really grown in a way that I hadn’t seen entirely. This cylon war gave them some spark of hope, something to really live for; it awakened them.

Each of the characters were lost or trying to find themselves when they were on Caprica. Roslin struggled with her family’s untimely death and finds herself reluctantly agreeing to be Secretary of Education. Adama wrestles with his upcoming retirement. Starbuck and Apollo were trying to create their destinies and talking about it over some vino and shots. Starbuck said she is destined for something great but wonders what that might be. Apollo wanted nothing more than to find his own fate outside of his father’s shadow. Their flirtatious, drunken conversations convey their mixed emotions about their future (don’t mind Apollo’s brother/Starbuck’s fiancé he dies shortly after anyway).

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The flashbacks all made sense to me, but then there was Earth 2…

The fact that BSG gang ended up on Earth: The Sequel did not bother me. I know Sci-Fi endings can be a leap of faith. I mean I maintaned a suspend sense of reality all through out. So, I expected them to have a happy ending with a twist, and that is exactly what I got (at least that aspect). I mean it is great that this whole time we were thinking it was the future when it was really the past. “All of this has happened before and it will happen again” makes sense. There is a sense of resolution. Finally, they leave their technology behind and want to start fresh. They basically “teach” these poor uneducated indigenous people about their culture. Umm… are the colonist just indoctrinating the natives with their own beliefs? Anyone ever heard of colonialism?

This is exactly how they ruined their own civilazation. Both humans and cyclons tried to force their beliefs on each other instead of letting each race decide their own faith and calling (this also happened amongst the same races ie when the cylons tried to manage the beliefs of the 6’s and some of the Sharons or when the Capricans attempted to enforce their beliefs onto the Sagitarians and Gemenese). If the members of Battlestar would have stayed secluded, away from the natives, it would have made perfect sense. That way history would never repeat itself; the cycle would end. What the colonists of Battlestar create is just a different version of the same civilization. “Future humans” believe in the same God as the colonists, and eventually, think the same way. Does that bother anyone else?

I think where the ending really went awry is in its use of religion as a means of explaining plot holes. Kara’s story season 4 was really the suck. I would have bought that these weird occurrences and messages were happening to Kara because she had a destiny. However, I can’t swallow the idea that she literally died and it goes unexplained… I mean really unexplained. Then she just *poof* leaves hot Lee talking to himself on the last episode. And all he says is something like, “Oh that Kara! Always the kidder!” Okay, so he didn’t say that, but he might as well have. DUDE she just disappeared in front of you and you act like it is all normal. You had a better reaction when some dude asked you what Gaius Baltar thought.

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All of the sudden, BSG is littered with resurrections and one true God references. C’mon! And Kara is the absolute worse part of all that. She plays the role of some sort of God’s messenger. She is “The Harbinger of Death” *cough* Angel of Death *cough* . Listen, if some magical realism was involved in this crazy Sci-Fi show I would bite. It would make sense to me in the context of a story, but when these whole story becomes justification for a religion, it bothers me. Gaius is still alive becomes God wills him to be? That guy?! I mean, if anyone deserved a horrible death, it was probably him. He is a damned slimy coward who was guilted into performing one last redeeming act– joining the military on the cylon suicide mission. He and 6 are the new Adam and Eve while Harrah is their daughter. What the frak just occurred?! Were the BSG writers attending a Christian study group and decided they should write all this stuff into the show? There’s nothing wrong with religion but don’t use it as a way to explain story arcs you had no idea how to finish. Well, how do you explain Starbuck dying and coming back to life? God. How do you explain Athena, 6, and the president having the same dream that came true? God. How do you explain Cally being thrown out of the airlock? Oh wait… that was Tory, one of the final five. Well….God made her right? So, God. It just seems like a lame cop out to story no one knew how to finish. It’s the same when writers justify everything done previously by using time travel, a dream within a dream, or any other excuse used on Lost.

Overall, I enjoyed the series so much that the last couple of episode could never ruin it for me. I’m not even mad. I actually think a lot of things were touching, like Adama and Roslin’s viper ride, the kick ass evil cylon final battle, and even the shout out to Earth as we know it. I know some people think the ending was unforgivable. Because I still gave a frak about those characters, I just wanted to see them get to where they wanted to be. I guess the writers did give us that much at the end. Besides, sometimes we have to roll the hard six or something deep like that. Right, Adama?

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