Mass Effect Homeworlds: “A Bullet for Your Sins” Reveals More About My Favorite Turian

Garrus is my video game lovah. For those of you who haven’t played Mass Effect as the beloved FemShep, you are missing out on one of the best RPG romances a gal can experience. Oh sure, interspecies sex is a bit of a scary thought, but somehow the lovable Turian (reptile, bird-ish alien), Garrus Vakarian, is everything you want in a video game boyfriend. In Mass Effect 2 and 3 you can romance the dark, brooding, and awfully funny, Vakarian by doing his side missions and asking about all the steamy details of ways Turians “blow off steam.”


Dark Horse Comic’s Mass Effect Homeworlds’ third issue: A Bullet for Your Sins is all aboutthe best Turian ever. The comic was created for gamers who have already played the ME series but want to know more about Commander Shepard’s crew (so, yes, there are spoilers). A Bullet for Your Sins starts on Omega with Garrus (aka Archangel) fighting the Blood Pack solo (a memorable recruitment mission in ME2). After killing most of the freelance mercs, Garrus realizes he will eventually run out of bullets or simply be overrun. Vakarian starts thinking about his life and more specifically, his complicated relationship with his father (the clashes are displayed through a series of flashbacks).


In A Bullet for Your Sins,the reader obtains more details about Garrus’ upbringing. In ME, Garrus talks about his troubles with C-Sec and his strict, overbearing father. However, the comic highlights specific instances that propelled Vakarian to rebel against his father. The reader gets an inside look into how hard Garrus was pushed as a child training to be a soldier and as a C-Sec officer serving under his father. Garrus becomes someone willing to do anything it takes to make sure justice is served, even if it means assassinating the bad guys in cold blood. On the other hand, Vakarian’s father believes there is a right way of catching thugs and that there is a place for red tape as a means to keep order. Garrus’ father does not understand why Garrus can’t follow orders and be content as a proxy of order for the Citadel. Garrus’ impatience with the justice system often leads him to make brash decisions.  Acting as Archangel results in Garrus being in a situation he can’t overcome alone. Only when Garrus faces death because of his own vigilante actions, does he finally understand his father’s perspective on civil justice and longs to resolve the rift in their relationship.


I really enjoyed getting more intimate details about Garrus. I could even hear the Turian’s unforgettable raspy voice (voiced by Brandon Keener) as I read along. I encourage any ME fan to read the comics in order to get better insight into the world of Mass Effect. I have a feeling Homeworlds: A Bullet for Your Sins will be my gateway read, inspiring me to read more about the world of Mass Effect. In fact, I’ll go read the rest of the issues, as soon as I finish these calibrations.



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