Blogging Dead: Best 10 Things about This Week’s Walking Dead


*Spoilers Below Beware!*

Episode: Season 3 Premiere “Seeds”

(In no particular order)

  1. We see Carl killing zombies like all growing 12-year-old boys dream of doing. Plus, someone has a crush. I see that even the zombie apocalypse can’t stop teenage hormones.
  2. Rick is FINALLY pissed at Lorie. Man, I wonder how many people want to see her killed by walkers…
  3. Everyone loves shanking zombies. I don’t blame them; it’s pretty awesome.
  4. Michonne is my new girl crush. I want to be a badass like her. I mean… zombie slaves and ninja style moves. The girl has my heart.
  5. I kind of miss Dale. I need someone to remind me of how we need morality. Blah blah blah. j/k.
  6. Glenn was not someone’s suicide mission bitch in this episode. Geesh! I guess he needed a break after being sent into a walker-infested town five million times to get Lori tampons supplies.
  7. I think T-Dog said something this episode…I just can’t remember what it was…
  8. Pregnant Lori might have a zombie baby. Can it pop out of her uterus like that scene from Alien? Oh, pretty please!
  9. The only musical scene I like with my zombie entertainment is in Shaun of the Dead.  Promise me no more sad Southern singing. This isn’t O Brother Where Art Thou?
  10. There are actual live people in the prison… oh yea… this is going to be interesting. I can’t wait to see the next episode and find out how many of those prisoners will get shanked by Carl.

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