Blogging Dead: Best Ten Things about This Week’s Walking Dead

In no particular order, these were the things that stuck out about “Walk with Me”:


1. The Governator makes his first appearance. Hell yes. The zombie apocalypse really needs another psychopath leader.

2. Michonne has to get her kitana back I mean really… she’s just another dreary Walking Dead character without it. 

3. I learned a valuable lesson tonight: Never investigate a helicopter crash during a zombie apocalypse. 

4. Does Andrea flirt with everyone or is just me? I didn’t know zombies made people so horny. Maybe she’ll crotch-grab the Governor in a Fiat next episode.

5. Holy zombie with an arrow through his head! Merle! He’s back and he’s as Southern and as twisted as ever. He should really be on an episode Duck Dynasty or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child. Dudes got one arm but he knows how to get er dun. 

6. There’s a whole town untouched by walkers. But don’t worry guys, they have BIG walls. What could possibly go wrong!? Anyone sense some foreshadowing here…. anyone?

7. R.I.P. Zombie Pets. You kept Adrienne and Michonne safe all winter and all you have to show for it is a beheading. Poor undead babies.

8. If a helicopter falls in the woods, does anyone give a fuck about survivors? The answer is no and let’s kill the survivors for their provisions. Sounds reasonable. 

9. There is a Walker scientist (Milton is his name but who cares) who is kind of adorable in a pathetic sort of way. As he fumbles through tea time asking awkward questions, one can’t help but want to help the nerd (mostly because he’ll make you a delicious cup of Darjeeling with milk). 

10. I thought I loved TV, but man, what I really would love is a zombie-head entertainment center. You know, the type where I can watch my collection of zombie heads floating around in formaldehyde, kind of like the famous heads on Futurama. Now that’s entertainment. 

I can’t wait for next week!






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