Blogging Dead: Best Five Things about This Week’s Walking Dead

Spoilers!!! Major Spoiler Alert!

If you saw this week’s Walking Dead then you might be still recovering from shock. I know I’m still thinking about it. Hell, afterwards I needed some wine to relax (and I really wanted wine…). Most of the show revolved about a few major events rather than several small events, so I cut the list to five this week.

In no particular order, here are the most memorable moments of Episode 4: Killer Within:

1. Andrea’s crush on the Governor is ridiculous. Love is blind and really stupid. Apparently, love makes you ignore everything fishy about a suburban paradise in the middle of a zombie Apocalypse. Someone needs a kitana to the head. 

2. R.I.P. T-Dog. Although you only had five lines, you remained a fan favorite. May you never have to saw off your own hand after dropping the keys to your handcuffs.

3. Carl has an awesome shot. Maybe growing up in a land riddled with zombies would make any kid some sort of adolescent Rambo. But it’s still unreal to see the little guy who was scared of a walker stuck in the mud, shooting the undead with perfect aim.

4. You know when you anticipate an event so much that when it actually happens, it never lives up to your expectations?  So… Lorie died. Alas, the death I’ve been waiting for is way sadder than I imagined. Rosemary’s baby survives, but Carl’s childhood died along with Lorie’s uterus. But overall: Ding Dong the Witch is DEAD!

5. The Rick breakdown. It was inevitable that Rick was going to let the group down and then just breakdown. His cries were the best piece of acting on the show for a while. It was heartbreaking. Hey, watch out world Rick’s single now! Better keep him away from Andrea. 


So here’s a funny Meme to cheer you up. Also, I can’t wait for next week, so I can get heartbroken all over again.




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