Top Ten Awesome Trends in 2012 (#10-6)

The end is nigh! Well, probably not, but here is a list that focuses on some of 2012’s greatest trends and occurences.

Here’s this year in awesome, #10-6 for your enjoyment.

10) People stood up for Big Bird!


Believe it or not, Sesame Street alum Big Bird and his bevy of delightful friends taught me to speak English. That’s why I was so shocked to hear that Mitt Romney wanted to off the yellow birdie and his colorful friends. WTF?! Even though I was outraged at the thought of PBS being given the sack, I was delighted when I saw how many people came to defend my Muppet gang. And what came out of Mitt’s threats to Big Bird became pure meme gold.


9) Another eccentric election year full of American hilariousness!

From binders full of women to Hey Girl Paul Ryan memes to Obama and Romney rap battles, this election (as most are) was nothing short of a circus. Sure eventually Americans weighed in on actual issues and stopped focusing on Onion articles and Indecision 2012, but the Internet has never been more quick to display every absurdity heard during every debate, tour, and convention. Whether Democrat or Republican, this election year was awesome for everyone when it came to pure comedic gold.



8) Zombies are cooler than ever!


So you thought zombies were in last year?! No way! 2012 was the real year of the zombie. After a guy actually ate another man’s face (ewww), it seemed liked the zombie apocalypse was trending. I think some people were actually excited for the impending doom that might occur if the walking dead were dragging among us. Overall though, people were still really into zombie crawls, The Walking Dead, undead video games, and cheesy zombie flicks.


 7) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens!

I know this one is kind of new. But I am certainly not alone in my excitement for The Hobbit. It is always a great year when you have such an epic movie open in theaters. I read The Hobbit, so I might be disappointed, but hey, I’m still excited and Denny’s still has a second breakfast menu. Hurray for Bilbo!


one does not simply

6) A Monkey gets lost in IKEA, and it drives everyone BANANAS!


Ok so most of us “adults” have been to IKEA. And yes, it is a wondrous land of affordable fold-out couches and delicious Swedish meatballs. The last thing you expect to see in IKEA is a stylish monkey. That’s why when a monkey in designer duds was seen lost in the supermarket (like that Clash reference?) it was totally awesome. Plus, what came afterwards were some of the best memes of the year.

piccard monkey

Stay tuned for the top 5! 


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