Top Ten Awesome Trends in 2012 (#5-1)

5. Doctor Who occupied the US!

After Doctor Who was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly for being the number 1 cult TV show, I knew it would be a good year for the Doctor and the TARDIS. Whovians everywhere rejoiced when Steven Moffat (of Sherlock fame), became the head writer a few years ago, and the show started being simulcast in the UK and US. And with Moffat at the helm, there’s no telling where the Doctor will go. With this new-found popularity in the US, lots of Who merch, memes, and costumes are readily available. 2012 was definitely the year of the Whovian!

doctor who1



4. Jersey Shore was cancelled!



Put away the tanning spray and hair gel, The Jersey Shore is done for! Finally, we can drop GTL and DTF from our pop culture lexicon. America can go back to the good old days where no one knew what a Snookie was and Jersey folk were left to their own devices.  MTV can go back to showing underage moms and spoiled sixteen-year-old girl b-day parties videos.


3. The 2012 London Olympics totally happened!

Sports were cool again! Okay so they were always cool, but once every 4 years I allow myself to watch them. This Olympics was full of British humor in the opening ceremony (Holy shit Bean!), creepy synchronized swimmers that haunted the interwebs, “Call Me Maybe” the Olympian addition, and unfortunately, Ryan Lochte full of douchebagedness.






2. The Mars Rover landed safely and created a Twitter account!



The Curiosity not only landed on Mars and took awesome, panoramic Instagram-like photos of the planet’s surface, but it also created some of the most hilarious Tweets ever sent by a space rover.  Even though no aliens were found, we got to see just how lonely and boring it can be on another planet. Must be hard being alone on the Milky Way. Curiosity, we feel for you!



1. Grumpy Cat became America’s Sweetheart!

Well maybe sweetheart isn’t the right word. But what can make a person happier than a disgruntled feline!? Tardar Sauce, a uniquely expressive fluffy, white kitty is everywhere online,and honestly, I really can’t get through a day without staring at his picture and cracking a smile. So he won won the number 1 position of things trending 2012. Mostly  because he probably wouldn’t want to be on a blog post… unless the post was about how disappointing blog can be.



Have an awesome New Year!



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