Tickling My Funny Bone: Sf Sketchfest

I went to a bunch of awesome SF Sketchfest events, and I was dying to share all my dorky experiences with everyone. Obviously, funny doesn’t mean geeky, but a bunch of the events I went to sure had a lot nerd involved.

It all started with Academy of Arts and Science Nightlife that was sponsored by the Nerdist. Although I missed the awesome Zombie Survival Guide presentation, I was able to do lots of other entertaining things. First, I got a lovely Cubist portrait drawn of me and my friend Andi.


Followed by watching Gregg Proops of the “Smartest Man in the World” podcast, dancing to old school Nintendo tunes by a beautiful indoor fish tank, and watching the final act, Chris Hardwick’s stand-up. And I have to say that I was peeing my pants cracking up all through out.

Then this past Saturday, there was Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption: Twilight. The most kick-ass part about the Movie Interruption was that Patton Oswald, Ian Michael Black, and Zach Galifianakis were all special guests. Of course, this was a semi-surprise as Doug Benson did mention some big names might go, but it was thrilling to see them all there making fun of Kristen Stewart’s scowl. I was cracking up the first 5 minutes of a movie that would normally feel a form of torture to sit through. With all the laughs, I got a P-90X style ab workout out at the Castro Theater that night. Which is pretty awesome considering I could really use some exercise.

Then, yesterday, the final act was Garfunkel and Oates at the Rickshaw Stop. They were everything a girl could dream of and more! I kind of wanted them to be my new BFFs and sing to me about handjobs and accidental motorcar masturbating. ::SWOON:: I shared a moment with Kate (not really since I didn’t say anything) when she went to the restroom and asked to skip line in an uber polite way. Even though that was probably the most awesome thing to happen to me in a public restroom, being front row at the concert was the best part of the evening. I got to giggle my cares away, making my Monday at work almost bearable.

So, that was SF Sketchfest 2013. They just made me a believer!


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