Blogging Dead: Top 5 Moments from the last 2 episodes of Walking Dead

So…my computer is broken…thus the lack of entries. I apologize in advance!

I am all caught up with Walking Dead, and I am wondering…. WTH is going on? Here are my Top Five moments from Walking Dead ‘s last two episodes: “The Suicide King” and “Home.” Oh, and they are in no particular order!



1. Ummm…. Rick’s kind of nuts and no one seems to mind. Now I would imagine that in a zombie Apocolyptic world, what classifies as crazy might be a very loose definition. After all, how sane would you be if you would endure watching undead people’s heads explode, shot your mom after she gave birth, cut off your own leg, or grown a hideous ponytail from all the stress (I’m looking at you, Herschel)? With that said, when you start imagining your dead wife and  frenemy best friend, maybe you should consider retiring as leader of the group. It seems like everyone else would rather have a crazy Rick as a leader than a pissed off Glen.  I’m not sure Rick is the right crazy dude to be the leader anymore. Just saying.

2. The Governor’s one eye looks over everything. For someone who should be fighting to stay alive, he sure involves himself in a lot of petty grudges. Get over it! Your daughter was having a bad hair day… so what?! Let Rick’s people live in peace! (More on this later)

3. Andrea is still annoying me with her tween crushes on bad boys. After the Governor acts like a fool towards all her friends and asks her to be a Speaker of the House or Deputy or whatever of Woodbury (without actually explaining what the hell is happening), she continues to pout like a 15 year-old girl who just got a confusing text from her crush. Wake up, Andrea! She defintely needs a gay BFF in her life to tell her what’s up. Giiirrrrllllll, if a guy can’t accept your friends during a zombie doomsday, he’s just not that into you. 

4. Durl and Murl are still awesome rednecks. Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more racist humor during the end of days, Darryl “convinces” his bro to go back to jail and stay with his ole friends. Of course, not before Meryl gets a chance to make some highly insensitive racist jokes.

5. Holy crap! Not some much of a Surprise attack! The latest episode features some action. And i can’t wait to see the knock down drag out war between the Govenor and Crazy Rick Mcgee. Not to mention, this is Glen’s chance to be a badass with a mini van. Let’s do this!


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