Blogging Dead: Thoughts on Walking Dead’s “I ain’t Judas” and “Clear”

My first blog post was deleted. 😦 So here is my attempt at naming the most memorable things that happened in the past two episodes of  Walking Dead.

1. Andrea gets the most awesome advice from Carol. Andrea, make sweet love to the one-eyed Governor and then kill him while he is recovering from the sexcapade,  k? Ah, Carol, it is always the quiet ones with the most perverse suggestions. If Andrea did have any guts, she would do this without hesitation. Instead, she just will look out a window and wish upon a star like the dreamer that she is. Maybe it is for the best. What I honestly think would be even better than the old “rip and violently murder” would be Andrea getting a case of vagina dentata. Robert Kirkman, you listening?

2.  Tyrese, please don’t fall for the obviously evil one-eyed Governor. The Governor always seems to find ever Rick gang reject and bring them to Woodsbury. That Southern accent seems to full everyone (except Michonne) into thinking he’s the epitome of a gentleman. Hopefully the only thing Tyrese will give up is those two young d-bags he’s hanging with. Maybe the 2 frat boys and the Governor can come up with an intense zombie beer pong tournament.

3. Carl is still a badass. That boy can outrun and outgun almost anyone. Plus, he’s willing to tell his old man “take a breather, crazy” or something like that. Go on Carl with your reckless tween self.

4. Michonne opens up to Rick and Carl and it’s awesome. Finally, Michonne is beginning to be a part of the group.  After helping Carl with his sweet and dangerous mission to retrieve a family portrait for his sis and sharing with Rick she to speaks to dead loved ones, Michonne is finally earning her place in jail.

She is no longer a silent kitana-ing badass with a unique ability to speak through her eyes, now she actually speaks….with her voice!

5. HOLY SHIT, MORGAN! After much anticipation, we finally see what happened to Rick’s first ally. Although Morgan serves as obvious foil for Rick (hello, English degree), his dialogue with Rick about his struggles is truly heartbreaking. This is Rick’s future if he doesn’t stop being a psychotic loner. And even though that seems to be the main point of this interaction, Morgan also displays what could have happened to Rick if he didn’t have the group. Rick might have ended up with a booby trapped house, a crazy amount of colored chalk, and a special ability to trap rats.

I can’t wait to see what happens next with the epic showdown.



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