Blogging Dead: Review and Recap of “Four Walls and a Roof” and “Slabtown”

“Four Walls and a Roof”

Oh, Bobby! Someone is having a shitty day when the best thing that happens is that the hipster cannibals that kidnap you and eat your leg don’t realize you were bitten #taintedmeat. I must admit I was cackling with joy when I realized those Terminus jerks ate some serious mystery meat. I had a funny feeling Bob had been bitten, but I think the writers did a good job of distracting me with other plot points, making me forget all about Bob’s brush with the wet walkers.

69d12269f5691d7c1a90d54bb734f987 Meanwhile in the Church, we learn the priest is a selfish bastard, coward who didn’t let his people into church and ate all their canned donations. Half of the group stays with the deadweight baby Judith in the church and the other half goes looking for the hungry people eaters in order to avenge all the wrongs. Of course, the hipster cannibals (who decided to eat people before it was cool) show up to try a new recipe on those inside the church. In true kickass fashion, the other half shows up and deals some serious vengeance. Rick sees this as an opportunity to keep his promise and violently murders Gareth. I think you might call what happened inside the church overkill…I just call it another Tuesday evening during the apocalypse.


Oh yea… Glen and Maggie and Tara leave with Abraham for DC, so they kind find Will Smith and save the world. And Darryl comes out of the bushes with mystery guest.



FINALLY! BETH! Last we saw of her… it was really just that weird car that Carol and Darryl were chasing. Now, we see that she is stuck inside of a hospital. Good for her. I mean that hospital probably has some good acoustics, so she can belt out a tune or two.

So this creepy place has a resident perv that really loves lollipops BARF and a cute, cowardly bearded doc who doesn’t stand up for anyone and tricks Beth into killing someone (oops!). Needless to stay, this isn’t exactly the hospital of the year. Everyone is trapped inside except the cops that go out to routinely get supplies and kidnap more people. The whole episode is bizarre and has a Twilight Zone feel to it. Who are these weirdoes and where are they getting guinea pig entrees?!

Beth realizes this place is whack and that the female cop in charge has a real I’m Rick James, Bitch slapping problem, and she decides to escape with the help of another “patient” named Noah.


This does not go as planned, and Noah ends up driving off, while Beth is caught by the police officers in charge. As we see Beth about to try a second attempt at an escape, she sees Carol roll in as a new patient in this effed up hospital. So who is in the bushes with Darryl? What did they do to Carol? Do they have any more lollipops?

…And one more for good measure…




It’s Show Time!: Top 5 Scariest Crushes for Halloween

  1. Freddy Krueger: Nightmare on Elm Street 


The man of my dreams (get it? Hah!). Hmm.

As a child, I was completely fascinated by Nightmare on Elm Street. Even though I was scared of Freddy, there was something so charming about him. After all, his murder methods were creative and he always so punny. I’m a sucker for good wordplay and a man who loves waterbeds. RAWR.

4.  Michael Meyers: Halloween 


Of course the quintessential strong and silent type couldn’t be forgotten. I like my men emotionally unavailable goal-oriented, and boy, is he ambitious! He definitely knows what he wants (his whole family murdered). He also really loves Halloween, and I love me a festive beau. We can carve pumpkins together and post cute Instagram pumpkin patch pics. #SundayFunday

  1. Jack Skeleton: Nightmare before Christmas


Awww. This skinny dude is so adorable. Jack is the most well-dressed hipster in Halloween Town, and with all his finesse for spotting new styles and trends, it’s no wonder that he discovered Christmas way before it was cool. He’s also probably really into food trucks, craft beer, and coding. Make sure to swipe right!

  1. Pinhead: Hellrasier 


This is some kinky addition to the list. He’s definitely into cosplay and S & M. Just picture him starring in 50 Shades of Pinhead—not that much of a stretch. I can probably find him wandering around the Folsom Street Fair. Maybe there we can fall in love, and it’ll change his whole hell box obsession. He probably will still remain way into leather and body mod though…so…I might call this one a maybe.

  1. Beetlejuice: Beetlejuice



BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE! This ghoul is truly the Tim Burton creation of my dreams. A crass, pot-bellied, pervy ghost with the most is exactly what  someone with bad judgement a kooky, creative girl like me wants. I have watched Beetlejuice more times than I can count, and every time I do I wish I could get a chance to hang out in that dingy basement with my undead crush. If Lydia won’t marry you, we can tie the knot on one condition: promise not to put shrimp cocktail on our wedding reception menu.

Blogging Dead: Review of Season 5’s “Strangers”

WARNING: If you have not seen “Strangers” (Season 5, episode 2), make sure you are not eating meat when you do or else this will happen:

In “Strangers,” the Ricktatorship is on the move once again. This time, I assume they will have a plan in case they get separated because there are only so many times I can watch Rick yell CARL!  In this episode, the crew finds a very suspicious priest, saves him, and stays at his church. Rick does not trust him (for the record neither do I)… mostly cause he only has one emotion: stupefied.


In true Walking Dead fashion, they go looking for supplies. This time the crew goes to a local food bank where the priest suggests. There are a bunch of very delicious looking wet zombies, with melty faces in the way of the supplies (kind of like a zombie moat?). Of course, they get the food but not without grossing me out with a bunch of awesome yet ew death-to-soggy-zombie scenes. Rick notices that the priest is acting extra shifty, so he tries to skew him for answers to no avail.

When the crew goes back to the church, Carl warns his dad about some markings on the church. SUSPICIOUS. Rick still doesn’t trust the priest but the priest did give them communal wine so…. Party? At the communal wine party, Muttonchops finally gets Rick to agree to a road trip. Get the Winnebago ready kiddos because the Walking Dead is heading to DC!

BONUS: Carol and Darryl see the mysterious car that kidnapped Beth and follow it. I can’t wait to see what she is going to sing when they rescue her!

The whole episode, Bob seems to be the focal point of the scenes. Naturally, I thought this meant he was going to die. So when he decided it was a great idea to go cry outside alone in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, I thought the dude just signed his death certificate. Ever heard of the buddy system, Bobby? That dumb move gets him captured… and when Bobby wakes up we learn his captures are none other than the Terminus survivors. The Terminus hot hipster leader dude Gareth is directing the cannibals to stalk Rick’s group. And what do cannibals really love other than fava beans and nice Chianti? Roasted leg. Mmmm…. Nice day for a Bobby-Q anyone? Anyone?


Blogging Dead: First Two Episodes are Like Whoa

Walking Dead is back and so am I! Two weeks ago the series premiered with a lesson in organic farming and tons of noobs ready to be hacked off.  In “30 Days Without an Accident” foreshadow much?, a month has passed and it appears the jail has turned into a quiet(ish) sanctuary for the gang—much like Herchel’s farm was before.  The group set up designated jobs for everyone, farming, gathering, story time/how to stab your infected Dad during a zombiepocalypse time with Carol.

The characters seem to be more relaxed and enjoying the little bit of normalcy the jail gives them. Carl seems to be acting somewhat well adjusted to life without being a menace to society while Rick is still leader, albeit a passive one. Rick is trying to protect his children from the craziness of the outside world and has renounced his role as a gun-toting dictator. Let’s call him Farmer Rick from now on.


As the first episode developed, we see that their humble abode isn’t as safe as they believed.  On a routine run at a Big Lots! type store, one of the newbies decides he might want to hit the bottle save me some and accidentally knocks the whole store shelf down (party foul!). And just then the roof caves and down comes a ton of hungry zombies, zombie guts, and zombie blood. Beth’s boyfriend gets eaten and she sings a song about it and all she does is change the “Days Without an Accident” board without crying #yolo #unlessyoucomebackasazombie.


And then there was this drawn out side plot where the creepiest girl alive lures Rick into the forest. It seemed to me like a very boring character development aside that I could have done without. But alas, the ending did rock. I was shocked when kid Zombie Woody Allen gets infected, and we don’t know why he died.

In the second episode “Infected,” turns out Zombie Woody Allen stays in the cellblock and turns a plethora of extras into walkers. That scene was highly intense as we see a bunch of people we have no emotional investment in get eaten. Then, we learn there’s a highly contagious disease spreading through the jail (in addition to the walking dead disease we’ve come to take for granted). And now it’s clear that this is why Zombie Woody died #everythingyouwantedtoknowaboutzombiesbutweretooafraidtoask. And there’s some weird dude or dudette throwing rats to the zombies and BBQing the infected. Michonne cries when she holds babies and Rick arms Carl (hell yes!).


All-in-all, the season premiere wasn’t as kick-ass as I thought it would be.  The second episode is seemingly more like a continuation of the first. If it had been a 2-hour premiere that combined the first two episodes, there would have been a more cohesive intro to this new season.  And WTF was up with them not taking care of that fence?! Surely by now you would take all that free time you have without Netflix, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to create a moat, a booby trap, a zombie grenade or something of the sort to prevent any more “accidents in the workplace.”  Also, poor piggies. 😦

‘Bow ties are cool’: Top 5 Matt Smith Doctor Who Episodes (Seasons 5-7)

This post contains:


Hello Whovians! I know everyone has their own take on what are the best Doctor Who episodes. Here are my top 5 Matt Smith episodes in no particular order.


1. “The Eleventh Hour”

When Tennant left, I felt particularly sad. He was “my” Doctor after all. But Matt Smith did not fail to make me smile and his regeneration was a nice change from the Doctor I knew and loved.

In “The Eleventh Hour” Smith’s dorky, old soul Doctor débuted (and so did Moffat’s grand Amy and Rory storyline that spanned 3 seasons). For the first time, it felt like Doctor Who was more about his companion, in this case a sassy young Amy. Amy first appears as a young girl who is the first to encounter the new incarnation of the Doctor. After some fish sticks and custard, the Doctor tells her to pack her bags because he’ll be back to whisk her away in the TARDIS. When the Doctor finally returns, Earth is under an alien attack and the young girl he left behind is all grown up. Amy’s life has revolved around the disappointing moment the raggedy man left her waiting.

What I like the most about this episode is the chemistry between Amy and the Doctor. Their bond is set from the beginning of her childhood and evolves throughout 3 seasons. Not only is the angle of DW cleverly changed, but it is also enhanced. The story of Amy (plus Rory) and the Doctor is one of true friendship. The Doctor is present through the various stages of Amy’s life like a real friend, and “The Eleventh Hour” is our own little glimpse into what will be just the start of their adventure.


 2. “Vincent and The Doctor”

What is not to love about this episode. Vincent Van Gogh and the Doctor! The title says it all. In this episode, the Doctor and Amy visit a museum and see something strange in Van Gogh’s painting. They travel back in time to see what it was he drew.

They find that monsters are chasing the eccentric painter. Catch is: only Van Gogh can see the creatures. When the Doctor explores what is happening, it becomes clear Van Gogh isn’t crazy at all. This episode is entertaining and interesting. I was enthralled by the storyline and all the art references. For any art lover, this episode is an interesting take on what “really” happened to the painter. Maybe he wasn’t crazy after all.


3. “Pandorica Opens & The Big Bang

I love Riversong! For that reason alone, this episode rocks. But what gets this two-parter on my top 5 is how much more we learn about Doctor. Although the Doctor is powerful as the only living Timelord, he is also susceptible to downfall. The Doctor seems larger than life  after all he is a sexy alien that saves the galaxy from evils and injustices time and time again but there’s always one person that knows his vulnerabilities: his companion.

In this episode, Riversong summons the Doctor to the Pandorica where the most frightening creature of all is imprisoned.  Following that lead from Riversong, the Doctor investigates Pandorica, only to find he’s been trapped by all of his enemies.

Like I mentioned before, Moffat focuses on the companion rather than the Doctor. In these episodes, we see how important his companion really is… His companion is the only person the Doctor completely trusts and it is through her eyes that we experience the story.  But what happens if that bond is exploited? That question had perhaps never been asked to this extent. These two episodes are very fantastical in an outrageously fun and emotional way—very Whovian episodes. Plus, Roman Rory! Who wouldn’t want a dude to wait for you for thousands of years?


4.  “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Well let’s see. You’ve got a time machine; I’ve got a gun. What the hell! Let’s kill Hitler.

And with that epic quote this episode won my heart. In this episode we meet Mel, Amy’s childhood best friend who always gets herself into trouble. She hijacks the TARDIS, so she can kill Hitler. But in true Who style, they all just ends up saving him (hello paradox!).  After they save Hitler, they discover another plot to murder Hitler is already in place by a secret agency that can make human replicas and live inside them like a huge Google office inside a robot. When Hitler shoots Mel (as all this madness is occurring), she regenerates into…Hello Sweetie… Riversong! However, even though this looks like the Melody we know and love, she has a very different MO than just flirting with the Doctor. Riversong attempts to kill the Doctor by poisoning him with a kiss…. How femme fatale of her.

So the plot thickens. What role does Riversong play in the Doctor’s life? Why is she trying to kill him? And because we know they have a great bond in the future, what happens that changes her mind about killing him? This episode answers a lot of those questions and more. The special bond between Riversong and the Doctor develops into something that’s very distinct from that of the Doctor and his companions. This episode gives us a glimpse as to how Riversong’s love of the Doctor begins and why it becomes so pivotal to both of their lives.


5. “Asylum of the Daleks”

In this episode, Rory, Amy, and the Doctor are beamed onto a huge Dalek ship (they could have done this from the beginning to get rid of the Timelord #justsaying). As if this whole idea wasn’t terrifying enough, the Daleks summoned the Doctor so he can help destroy the asylum of the Daleks located in a world just below the Dalek ship. The Daleks say those other Daleks are incredibly dangerous and insane Dalek on Dalek crime is no joke. After the Daleks provide the Doctor with companions (Amy and Rory), they are forced to help the Daleks or else extermination yadda yadda. So the power of three is hurled onto the scary planet. Geronimo!!!


Best things about this episode: Rory and Amy are having marital issues and we don’t know why but we know the Doctor will fix it. The Doctor doesn’t understand what makes these Daleks “insane” and this idea of insane Daleks seems kind of redundant to everyone else too. We meet Clara who helps the 3 navigate through the asylum. We then find out that she’s…. BIG spoiler HERE…. a human who was converted into a Dalek. ßThis is a huge deal because she returns not once but twice—during two different time periods. The Doctor is completely perplexed as to who she is and how she could be in so many different places in time.  We meet all the kooky Daleks that are nuts because of the Doctor.  Plus, Eggs…Eggs…EggsTERMINATE….EXTERMINATE.


Honorable Mentions:

(Of course) “Angels Take Manhattan”

“The Wedding of Riversong”

“Amy’s Choice”

“A Town Called Mercy”

“A Good Man Goes to War”

“The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon“

 What’s your favorite? 

Bonus! Check out my favorite Tennant episodes: